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Modular Driver's Workplace

Modular Drivers Workplace

Modular driver's workplaces are as individual as the needs of their users. With two freely configurable control panels and two optional fields for further functions, our award-winning modular driver's workplace can be flexibly configured. A flat and functional design and the MultiViu® Professional12 integrated in the basic module provide the right overview at all times.

Features & Benefits

  • Conforms to EBSF and VDV
  • 2 freely configurable control panels
  • 2 optional fields for more switches, displays, additional devices
  • Central module with preparation for various instrument clusters
  • Individual adjustment through changes to design/dimensions of fields and instruments
  • A basic module contains the left-hand drive, right-hand drive, tachometer, and small versions as standard
  • Flat and functional design
  • Problem-free maintenance, repair, adaptation

Technical Specifications

  • Control panels connected via CAN
  • Freely programmable control panels
  • Integration possible for IBIS or MADT
  • Compatible with KIBES® and other systems
  • MultiViu® Professional 12" 
  • No changes to maximum dimensions and mechanical controls
  • Integrated hot spot possible