Driver Monitoring


Driver Monitoring

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Driver Monitoring

The system monitors the driver’s head to evaluate driver attention, gaze direction, facial expressions and fatigue, this information is used by various systems for driver assistance and HMI. In combination with an stereo- or TOF-system, gesture recognition is also available. Reliable detection of the driver’s condition enables improved assessment of potentially dangerous situations and, when necessary, the initiation of prevention strategies.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable driver condition tracking
  • Reduction of driver distraction and stress
  • Increased safety through potential initiation of safeguarding strategies

Technical Specifications

  • Alliance of driver condition data with complete vehicle HMI
  • Horizontal Field of View 41°
  • Vertical Field of View  27°
  • Wide-VGA global shutter image sensor
  • 2 IR-LEDs @850nm
  • Distance to driver 425 mm to 750 mm