MVP12 Display


MVP12 Display


MVP12 Display

Instrument Clusters ensure that the driver is comprehensively and reliably informed at all times. They provide basic driving information like speedometer, tachometer, temperature, fuel, telltales, and warnings. Additional information is presented via display, e.g. radio, on-board computer, internet, navigation, telephone, rear/front view camera and driver assistance systems information.

Features & Benefits

  • Large and colored displays, that manage and indicate driver information and driver assistance functionality
  • Very powerful hardware supports
  • Time- and cost-optimized development by use of Continental's software toolchain

Technical Specifications

  • 12,3” color TFT, resolution of 1440 x 540 px in 8:3 format
  • Programming of graphics, text and animation via CGI Studio
  • Functional programming and control via KIBES® 32
  • Software based on OSEK and Linux operating systems
  • Several interfaces: High-speed CAN, video, LIN, I/Os, Audio, Ethernet