Head up Displays


Head up Displays


Head up Displays

Our Head-Up Displays (HUD) project the essential information directly into the driver's field of vision without restricting it. The driver’s concentration remains on the track ahead, this not only contributes to higher safety, it also reduces eye fatigue by decreasing the demand of switching focus between the road and instruments.

  • Windshield HUD
  • Combiner HUD
  • Augmented-Reality HUD

Features & Benefits

  • All relevant information in the field of view
  • Innovative and future technology
  • Individually configurable
  • Easy operation and more comfort

Technical Specifications

  • Virtual Image up to 10°x4°
  • Projection distance up to 4,5m
  • TFT or DMD Technology
  • Resolution up to 80px/°
  • Brightness up to 15000 cd/m²