Half Bellows

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Half Bellows

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Half Bellows

As an elastic link between the bogie  and railcar body, half bellows distance the railcar body from platform irregularities by minimizing the transmission of vibrations.

Features & Benefits

  • Highest driving comfort, regard-less of loading
  • When following a curve in the track,  they enable lateral deflection in the bogie
  • With a constant, adjustable height, the railcar body can maintain an ideal distance from the platform

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter: ~ø510-830mm
  • Vertical loads: up to 190kN
  • Lateral deflection: up to ±140mm (up to ±160mm possible) in air spring system
  • Operating pressure range: 2-6 bar
  • Operating temperature: -45°C (-50°C) up to +65°C (+70°C)
  • Some types available in EN 45545 (fire& smoke protected)