Air Spring Systems

Air Spring Systems for Secondary Suspension for high passenger comfort.

  • Half Bellows
    Half Bellows

    Half bellows for bolster-less bogies enable vast lateral deformation. For high-speed trains and modern bogies in local and metro transportation.

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  • Rolling Bellows
    Rolling Bellows

    Rolling bellows are used in confined constructed spaces in tram bogies and low-floor bogies.

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  • Belted Bellows
    Belted Bellows

    Belted bellows enable increased load-bearing capacity compared to conventional bellows when used in bolstered bogies.

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  • Double Convolution Bellows
    Double Convolution Bellows

    Double convolution bellows are the technically simplest solution for air-suspended secondary springs. They are distinguished by a high degree of reliability, and can perform large stroke movements.

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  • Auxiliary Springs
    Auxiliary Springs

    Enable high lateral deflections in combination with air springs in secondary suspensions. Ensure emergency ride in case of loss of air pressure in the air spring system.

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