Door Gesture Detection


Door Gesture Detection

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Door Gesture Detection

Opening and closing the wagon doors by gesture control can make operation much easier. The elimination of a haptic control unit provides a considerable hygiene advantage compared to a conventional door with a door handle or switch. Due to the invisible integration of capacitive sensor technology, it is not only extremely resistant to weather influences. In addition, it allows a new clean and organized door design.

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive and safe interaction
  • Reliable detection of a variety of gestures
  • Cost savings due to elimination of mechanical control elements
  • Hygiene advantage compared to a conventional door
  • Extremely resistant to weather influences

Technical Specifications

  • Capacitive, Infrared or Camera based technology
  • Detection of Basic, Complex and Advanced Gestures
  • Depending on the technology a range from 150-1.500 mm can be implemented