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  • Head up Displays
    Head up Displays

    Important driving-related information is provided in the driver’s direct field of vision which reduces the driver's deflection and ensures more safety and comfort.

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  • Bogie
    Suspension systems for the bogie

    Suspension systems are developed in collaboration with our customers, adapting them specifically to their individual needs.

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  • Cameras

    Our camera products allow for simple implementation of in-cabin or external monitoring, with CVR video storage capability where needed.

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  • Potable Water Hoses
    Potable Water Hoses

    AQUAPAL® DB is a highly flexible hose for potable water and specially developed for the needs of railway systems.

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  • Door Gesture Detection
    Door Gesture Detection

    Gestures are natural and intuitive ways to communicate for human beings. Hand movements by driver or passenger are tracked in order to recognize gestures.

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  • Flooring

    TPU Film is a lightweight and robust, non-textile floor covering material with numerous custom design options.

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